Live Conversation: Overview

Learn how Live Conversation empowers you to get human insights by scheduling and launching a live interview with individuals from the UserTesting Contributor Network or your own contributors.


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What is a Live Conversation?

Live Conversation is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex Plan Seat-based Plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


  • Live Conversation interviews are a two-way video conference across all platforms, including mobile.
  • With Live Conversation, you and the contributor can talk, see each other, and share screens.
  • The contributor can do anything they'd do in a video conference, such as answering questions, using a prototype or website, or reacting to content displayed on their computer.
  • Live Conversation supports iOS and Android devices, allowing you to test various mobile assets—prototypes, applications, and websites—and perform tests at home, in-store, or on the go.
  • You can run Live Conversation tests with your target audience from either the UserTesting Contributor Network, Custom Network, or Invite Network. 
  • Live Conversation sessions use Zoom conferencing. 
  • Contributors must join a Zoom meeting on their computer or mobile device. 
  • The conversation is recorded, and the video is automatically sent to your UserTesting Dashboard, where you can make and share clips just like any other user test.



When should I use Live Conversation?

Human Insights

  • Reach a wider audience, including those with hard-to-find demographics, by recruiting your own customers and employees.

Discovery interviews

  • Talk with customers to better understand their behaviors and pain points.
  • Discovery interviews can generate ideas for potential solutions.

Concept tests 

Get feedback early in the development process on:

  • Ideas
  • Concepts
  • Sketches

Prototype tests

  • A Live Conversation is ideal when prototypes are difficult to understand or contributors need guidance.
  • Probe for a deeper understanding of why contributors make decisions.



Who can create a Live Conversation?

Live Conversation is available to customers on the Advanced and Ultimate editions of the Flex Plan and to customers on the Premium edition of the seat-based plan. 

Seat-based accounts

  • The moderator is the person who scheduled the Live Conversation and the person allowed to start the session.
  • Only Creators can create the Live Conversation
  • Both Creators and Collaborators can moderate Live Conversation sessions.

Flex plan accounts

  • Only Creators can create the Live Conversation.
    • The person who created the test needs to join for the hidden observer livestream to start.
  • Both Creators and Viewers can moderate Live Conversation sessions.



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