Cancel or reschedule a Live Conversation

Use these steps to cancel or reschedule your Live Conversation in the UserTesting platform.


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Cancel a Live Conversation

  1. We recommend notifying participants 24 hours in advance before canceling a session.
  2. From the UserTesting dashboard, go to your test.
  3. Select the Actions button and choose Cancel all pending sessions.image__1_.png
  4. Choose the reason why you're canceling.


  • If you are using the UserTesting Contributor Network to recruit your audience, canceling a session and rescheduling a new one does not guarantee that the same UserTesting contributor will be able to join your test.
  • If you're on the Flex subscription, canceling a Live Conversation does not count toward your Session Units used.
  • If you're on the Seat-based subscription, canceling a Live Conversation does not affect the number of tests you can run.



Reschedule a Live Conversation

If this is not your situation, follow the steps below:

  1. From the UserTesting dashboard, go to the scheduled session.
  2. Select the Actions button next to the session and choose Reschedule.
  3. Check your inbox for an email confirming that the session has been canceled.
  4. Update your availability in the calendar before selecting the option to reschedule.
  5. Follow one of the processes below to reschedule, depending if you are recruiting from the UserTesting Contributor Network or your own network.


Reschedule with a member of the UserTesting Contributor Network

Decide if you want to reschedule with the same contributor or with a new contributor.

If you schedule with the same contributor...

  • UserTesting will notify the contributor to reschedule, and provide them with your new availability. 
  • Note: There is no guarantee that the same contributor will be available.

If you schedule with a new contributor...

  • UserTesting will email the original contributor and let them know that the session is canceled.
  • The system will re-share your availability with members of the network who match your recruitment criteria.
  • When a new contributor schedules an appointment, the system will send out invitations and notifications about the upcoming interview.


Reschedule with a member of your own network (Invite Network)

  • UserTesting will email the contributor, notifying them that you are no longer available at the previously scheduled interview time.
  • The contributor can then select another time slot from your list of available times.
  • If the contributor does not respond, you may need to reach out to additional individuals for scheduling.
  • Note: The Contributor help center assists contributors from your network.



Rescheduling due to technical problems

  • If technical issues prevent the contributor from joining the Live Conversation, the session status will change to No show (or Complete in some circumstances).
  • At this point, you are not able to reschedule with the same contributor for that test.


To reschedule another Live Conversation with the same contributor, follow these steps:

  1. From the UserTesting dashboard, go to your test.
  2. Select the Actions button and choose Duplicate.
  3. In the Audience builder of the duplicated test, select Specific contributors.
    Note: If recruiting from your own network, select the Create a link option to send a new link to the contributor.
  4. Enter the username of the contributor you want to include. 
  5. Complete the scheduling details, then select Launch.



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