January 2021 Product Releases

Constant innovation for our customers is core to UserTesting's mission, and our latest updates are designed to help our customers discover the moments that matter, faster.

Here's a brief video overview of the updates.

What's New

Card Sorting 


  • Build or improve your customer experience and UI by making it easy for customers to find what they want. Adapt to rapidly changing customer needs or changes in your business with timely feedback about how your digital properties are organized.
  • Included with Ultimate; Additional cost for Advanced, Pro, and Premium editions.
  • Training Course: Card Sorting

Prioritization Matrix 


  • Collect objective customer feedback to help make informed prioritization decisions that reduce organizational risk.
  • Included with Ultimate; Additional cost for Advanced, Pro, and Premium editions.

TestFlight Mobile iOS App Testing 


  • Gather fast feedback on any experience, including in-app payments/wallets, before you release your iOS apps on the App Store with a TestFlight link. This is important when replacing in-person experiences with BOPIS, Curbside Pick-up, and Home Delivery.
  • Available on all plans and tiers.
  • Training Course: Mobile Testing

System Usability Scale Plus 


  • Measure a product's perceived usability with a standardized test plan that can easily compare products and measure progress over time.
  • Included with Ultimate; Additional cost for Advanced, Pro, and Premium editions.

Click Maps 


  • Save time by identifying insights more efficiently with an interactive representation of all contributor clicks and inputs on websites or hosted prototypes.
  • Available for Premium, Advanced, and Ultimate editions.
  • Training Course: Using UserTesting Metrics

Improved Sharing Options 


  • Securely share clip, video, and highlight-reel links with any colleague, executive, or stakeholder with ease. Control the security permissions for each link before sharing, including via email or Slack.
  • Available for all plans and tiers.
  • Training Course: Sharing Insights


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