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A prioritization exercise can help you reduce organizational risk by collecting objective feedback from customers on what to prioritize and why. We recommend most users begin with the prioritization matrix template.

The prioritization matrix app can be used to collect participant feedback by including it as a link from your UserTesting test. Benefits of using the prioritization matrix app include:

  • The prioritization exercise is already structured for you—with frequency (low to high) on one axis and importance (low to high) on the other axis.
  • The app calculates the prioritized list of items.

Note: Prioritization matrix tests are not optimized for mobile.

When should you run a prioritization activity?

Running a prioritization activity is a good idea when you:

  • Need to reach a consensus quickly, especially when deciding on the priority of projects to complete or features to add.
  • Need customer input when deciding which tasks or features to remove (or remove from the current release).

How do I set up the prioritization activity for my test? 

1. Go to

Select prioritization matrix when creating a new test.


2. Enter the test details.


3. Set up the matrix.

Enter the Cards—these are the items that the participants will prioritize.


4. Publish the test.

Select the button to publish the test and then copy the URL to share with your participants.


How do I include my prioritization exercise link in my UserTesting test?

For an unmoderated test, add a task that explains that—in the next task—they will be prioritizing a list of content based on the frequency they use it and its importance to them. Add any additional context that a participant might need.

Then add a URL asset at the appropriate point in your test and put the prioritization exercise link into the URL field. Update the instruction text to reflect that they will be taken to a prioritization activity.


For Live Conversation tests, at the appropriate point in the discussion, put the link to the prioritization activity into the chat, so that the participant can follow the link and complete the activity during the session.

Results of your Prioritization Matrix 

The prioritization matrix provides a prioritized list of the items you presented to participants, based on their rankings.


It also provides a graphical view where you can see where each item falls on the matrix based on the rankings provided by all the participants.


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