Why Can't I Share My UserTesting Videos with Non-Team Members?

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For security reasons, most UserTesting accounts most accounts restrict access to videos and clips to only logged-in team members. This article shows you how to share these assets with people outside the account. 


When sharing a video, clip, or highlight reel with someone outside the account, you'll want to see if there's an Anyone with the link option associated with the asset. This option allows someone whose not a member of the account to view the video, clip, or reel without having to log in. To see whether this Anyone with a link option is available for a video, from the Sessions tab, go into the video player of the specific contributor session you want to access.


Once inside the video player...

  1. Click the Share button. 
  2. Share Video dialog box appears. If you see a Viewable by Anyone with the link setting in the drop-down, you can copy and email the link to anyone you wish. 


Not seeing this Anyone with the link option means that your account admin has restricted access to the video to just account members and did so by turning on the "Require account membership to view assets" toggle (found on the Security tab under Settings).

Having the admin turn off that Require... toggle results in the Anyone...link option appearing in the "Share default setting" drop-down menu.


(Note that, even with the Require...toggle turned off, the Anyone on this account setting is still available should you still wish to restrict access.)

Only account admins have the ability to change this setting, so if you want to share clips with members outside your account, you need to request your admin to loosen these access restrictions.

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