Exporting Session Data on the Flex Plan

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This article explains how to export session data from the Usage and history dashboard and what the CSV export shows.

How It Works

What the CSV Export Shows

Admins on the Flex plan can export session data as a CSV file from the Usage and history dashboard. Exporting data allows you to conduct further analysis in various tools like Google Sheets and Excel. You can answer questions like:

  • What is the breakdown of monthly usage?
  • What is the breakdown of usage by Panel type or Test type?
  • What templates were most used?
  • What was the average session duration?
  • What was the number of sessions per Test type?
  • How many tests have we launched?
  • How many sessions were completed?
  • How many Session Units are pending, and from which sessions?
  • How many tests were reviewed by Approvers?
  • Has the same participant completed sessions across different tests?
  • How long does it take to complete a session after launch? What is the average across all sessions?

How It Works

To export your session data, click the Export as CSV dropdown from the main page of the Usage and history dashboard and select Session data


After requesting the CSV export, a banner message will appear at the top of the dashboard informing you to check your email for the downloadable file.


What the CSV Export Shows

In the CSV export, the Session data contains a row for each session and includes the following columns: 

Test ID Session ID Operating System
Test Name Contributor Username Removed
Creator Name Launch Date (timezone in UTC) Template
Creator Email Completed Date (timezone in UTC) Short Test
Launcher Name Status Test Type
Launcher Email Booked Duration (min) Network Type
Approver Name Actual Duration (min) Session Units Used (completed date)
Approver Email Removed Session Units Pending (launch date)
Workspace Browser Version  


Note: Sessions are removed from the dashboard when replaced by another session, refunded, or hidden. The session removed from the dashboard might have contained PII or have been canceled due to pending session cancellation or completed session refund/replace.

The Status column contains a variety of statuses. The table below illustrates the different session statuses and what they are.

Status Description

A session is waiting for a contributor. Read this article for more information about how to cancel pending sessions from your dashboard.


A Live Conversation session that a contributor has reserved.

Accepted A contributor has accepted the session but hasn't started recording yet.
Started A session that a contributor has started but hasn't completed yet.
Problem A contributor has reported a problem with the session and cannot continue unless the test is fixed and restarted. Read this article for more information.
On Hold A session was put on hold because of a technical issue. No contributor can take the test until the test is fixed and restarted. Read this article for more information.
Uploading The video from a session is currently in the process of uploading.
Uploaded The video from a session is uploaded, but processing is still underway. This should be a transitory state, but please contact Support if the session is in the Uploaded status longer than a day.

A contributor finished a test session.

Expired The contributor didn't start or finish the test in the given time frame. A replacement session will automatically be created for you.
Refunded The test session was canceled due to a low rating or your request.

A pending session that you or Support canceled.


If you have disabled flex and cannot launch new tests because you have no Session Units remaining, you may want to use the CSV export to identify Pending Session Units to cancel. To do this, filter for the Session Units Pending that have a value greater than zero in the CSV export. You can then decide to cancel these pending sessions from your dashboard. This process does not apply to sessions with the status of on hold, problem, uploading, or uploaded; please contact Support to cancel these types of sessions. For Live Conversation sessions, you can cancel sessions with the status of uploaded.


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