January 2022 Product Releases

Latest innovations and new features help empower teams to tap into insights from new audiences and scale human insights internally with flexibility and guidance.

Here's a brief video overview of the updates:

What’s New?

Seamless Recorder for Invite Network

  • Seamlessly get feedback from even more audiences with the improved Invite Network. Invite Network now utilizes our seamless desktop recorder and enables your contributors to launch into a test directly from a link—allowing anyone to start taking tests on the UserTesting platform.
  • Available on all Flex plan subscriptions and for Professional and Premium subscriptions.

Category Filtering in the Template Gallery

  • Filter test templates in the gallery using UserTesting’s defined list of categories. Uncover templates that help accomplish your goals, like optimizing conversion, engaging your audience, and more.
  • Available on all plans.

Usage and History Dashboard Updates

  • Gain additional Admin visibility into the Usage and History Dashboard by understanding when your account is approaching flex usage or is already consuming flex usage. Better understand when and how to take action based on Session Unit consumption.
  • Unlock additional reporting and analysis capabilities with the CSV export on the Usage and History Dashboard. Export session data to conduct further analysis in Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Available for Admins on all Flex plan subscriptions.

New UserTesting University Content

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