Native Video and Audio Testing

At a Glance

This article will look at how the UserTesting platform allows you to store assets natively, without needing an external resource. These assets include URLs, images, and now audio and video files.


Native video and audio testing are available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


With the ability to now store native video and audio files safely and securely, the level of feedback and insights are limitless. No longer will you have to worry about broken or incorrect links or missing assets. With this feature, you can provide a more seamless testing experience. 


Please note that only MP4 files are supported at this time. The maximum file size is 500MB.


How It Works

1. To upload a video or audio, click, drag, and drop the video or audio task into your website or prototype study. It is not possible to add native video and audio testing to a launched test (it works the same as image tasks).


2. You will then be prompted to upload a video or audio file.



3. A separate window on your computer will prompt you to choose the correct file for your test.




4. You will then be able to see the progress of your upload on the screen.




5. Next, you will see a preview screen. Once the video or audio file is uploaded, it will appear as a task within the test plan, with instructional text for the contributor. If needed, the instructional text can be edited.


6. Here is an example of the contributor view. They will be shown a message that gives directions before the actual test begins:





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