Setting up tasks

Giving contributors Tasks can help measure the ease of completing an action or navigating a platform.

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Set Up Your Task

Task Results



Set up your task

  1. Under Tasks and questions, click and drag the Task block over to your Test plan builder.

  2. Write your task in the space provided.
  3. Review the articles Writing Great Tasks and How to Use Grouped Tasks and Results for tips.
  4. Select the Blur video to hide PII box to blur the contributor's video and protect their personally identifiable information.
  5. Under Task metrics, select Success and/or Difficulty to measure a contributor's experience of a task.
  6. If Success is chosen the contributor will be given a follow-up question, with several options to describe their experience.
  7. If Difficulty is chosen, the contributor will see a rating scale question to describe their experience.

Notes to consider:

  • These follow-up questions are not reflected in the Details tab. 
  • For different follow-up questions, choose tasks and questions to add others.



Task results

  • After contributors complete the test, Task results are displayed on the Metrics tab.
  • The Excel export will show Task results to include:
    • Details about the study
    • Contributor demographics
    • Screener responses
    • Transcripts for each task.
  • Advanced, Ultimate, and Premium edition plans can also view the Interactive Path Flows of each task on the Metrics tab.



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