Moderated session: Moderator controls

Learn about the controls available to the Moderator in a Moderated session.

Plan Availability: All Plans
👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, and Researchers
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Take notes

Select Notes in the menu on the right.

  • Moderators and note-takers can take notes during the session.
  • The notes option appears as soon as the recording is started by the moderator
  • Notes are available when analyzing the videos of the session.



Share a link

Once the recording has started and the participant has shared their screen, a bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window.

  1. Enter the URL in the field at the bottom left.
  2. Click Send Link. The participant gets a notification that you are sharing a link with them.
  3. Ask the participant to click Open. The link opens in a new tab.

Pro Tip

If you want to send another link, follow the above steps again.

  • The participant has to go to the Session tab to see the notification.
  • The new link will open in yet another tab. 



Start Structured Interview tasks

When recording is started and the participant shares their screen, a bar appears at the bottom of the window.

  1. Click Start Tasks. The participant gets a notification that you are sharing a link with them.
  2. Ask them to click OpenThe link opens in a new tab.
  3. If the study has Navigation tasks, the participant is prompted to install the UserZoom Surveys extension. 

Pro Tip

If participants are using Incognito Mode, they can't install the extension. Recommend that they are not in Incognito Mode to continue.



Remove someone from the session

  1. Select Session.
  2. Hover over the person's name. An X icon appears.
  3. Click the X icon.



Mute/unmute the mic

Mute yourself

  1. Select Session.
  2. Click the Mute button.


Mute others in the session

  1. Select Session.
  2. Click Mute next to their name.
    • Participants can mute/unmute themselves.
    • Participants can't unmute themselves if the Moderator mutes them.
    • If the participant mutes themselves, the Moderator can unmute them.



Stop the camera

Stop your camera

  1. Select Session.
  2. Click Hide Camera.


Stop the participants camera

  1. Select Session.
  2. Click Hide camera next to the participant's name.
    • If the test participant doesn't turn on the camera from the start, the moderator can't turn it on.
    • Participants can't turn off their cameras during the session, only the moderator can.




  1. Select Session.
  2. Click Chat.
  3. Use the options at the top to switch between the chat with Your team (other Moderators, Notetakers, or Observers) or the Participant.
  4. Use the text box at the bottom to send messages.

Pro Tip

Chat messages are gone after you close the tab. If you need anything from the chat, copy/paste it somewhere else before closing the tab.



Switch the camera or microphone

  1. Click the Settings in the menu on the right.
  2. Choose another microphone or to join via phone instead of using the computer audio.


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