Recruit your own participants for Moderated studies

Use these steps to recruit your own participants for Moderated studies.

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About Segments in Moderated studies

  • Segments in Moderated studies let you group together participants with the same profile.
  • At a minimum, one segment has to be created so you can invite participants.
  • Each segment has a unique link used to invite participants.



Moderated with scheduling

  1. In your Moderated study, go to the Recruitment tab.
  2. Create one or more Segments.
  3. Set the number of sessions that you want to schedule for each segment as its quota.
  4. Add your availability to the scheduler.
  5. Launch your study.
  6. Open your segment and copy the link.
  7. Draft your own email or choose from an existing email template.
  8. Send the link to participants. When participants open the scheduler, they see your availability for them to schedule a session.
  9. Keep the study live so participants can:
    • Schedule a session
    • Reschedule the session
    • Cancel their session
  10. Check for email notifications that tell you if a new session is booked or canceled.
    • Email notifications are only received by the study owner.
    • If a session is rescheduled, you'll receive two notifications:
      • The cancellation of the original session
      • The date and time of the newly scheduled session



Moderated without scheduling

Moderated studies without scheduling nuances

  • Scheduling sessions is done outside of UserZoom.
  • Set the quota to Unlimited for each segment if you're not sure how many sessions you need. 
  • When the quota of a segment is reached:
    • New participants can't get into the session.
    • They get a message explaining that the quota is filled.


Invite participants

  1. Within your study, go to the Recruitment tab.
  2. Click Add segment.
  3. Add the number of participants or select Unlimited.
  4. Get the link to join your session.
  5. Send an invite to each participant.
    • To make this easier, you can use these email templates.
    • Remember to include the date and time of the session in your email.


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