Call late participants: Moderated sessions

Learn the importance of and how to call participants who are late for a Moderated study.

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About calling a late participant

  • Beginning December 15, 2021, participants who sign up for a scheduled Moderated session are asked to enter and verify their phone number as part of the signup process.
  • Participant phone numbers are only used by UserZoom’s system and are kept private.
    Note: Moderators or anyone at UserZoom cannot see the phone numbers.
  • When a participant for a scheduled Moderated session has not entered the Tech Check or Waiting Room at 3 minutes past the start time of the session, the Moderator sees the option to Call the Participant in the bottom right corner of their screen.



Call a late participant

Participants can only be contacted when they are 3 minutes late for the Moderated session. Once they are 15 minutes late, the participant is automatically designated as a no-show in our system.

  1. Click the Call "participant name" button at the bottom right to open a new browser tab. If you don't see the button, scroll down.
    Call late participant button.png
  2. In the new tab, click Call the participant call_participant_button.jpg again to begin the call.
  3. Use this time to troubleshoot any issues connecting to the study.




Can the Moderator see the participant's phone number?

No. The participant’s phone number is masked at all times so the Moderator never sees it. This helps to protect the participant's PII. The only information the Moderator sees is the Participant’s first name and first initial of their last name.


Will the participant know who’s calling them?

In the United States, the Caller ID the participant sees usually displays as UserZoom on their phone. In some instances in the United States and elsewhere in the world, they will only see a phone number.


Can the Moderator call their participants at any other time?

No. Participants can only be contacted during the session if they are running late or stuck in the Tech Check. Participants agree to take part in sessions at specified times for specified amounts of time. We don’t allow for them to be contacted outside of these times.


Can stakeholders in the Moderated session hear the Moderator’s call to the participant?

No. When the Moderator opens the Call the participant window they are unmuted and their audio feed is blocked to the Moderated call. This avoids audio quality issues during the call to the participant.


Can the call to the participant be recorded or used for interviewing purposes?

No. The Call your participant feature is used to understand if and when the late participant will enter the session, and to help participants troubleshoot any issues preventing them from entering. These calls cannot be recorded by UserZoom, and you should not attempt to record them yourself.


Can UserZoom provide me with a participant's phone number or email?

No. Participant's information is kept private. If the participant is running late and you need to contact them, you must use the Call participant button.



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