Add Screener Groups and quotas

Use these steps to add Screener Groups and quotas. Learn more about Screeners and Screener groups in the Recruit your participants course in the UserZoom Academy.

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About Screener Groups and quotas

  • Screener Groups are sets of participant profiles based on conditions you define.
  • Quotas are the number of participants allowed in a Screener Group.
  • Screener Groups allow you to:
    • Limit the maximum number of participants that you want for each profile.
    • Redirect the participants of each Screener Group to a specific point in the study.
    • Add conditions based on different Screener Groups.
    • Filter by Screener Groups in the Results section.
  • Participants are assigned to the first Screener Group they match that hasn't met the quota.
  • Participants are screened out when:
    • They don't meet the conditions of any Screener Groups.
    • The Screener Group they fit in has met the quota for your study.
  • Enable the Advanced Screener option to add Screener Groups and quotas.



Add a Screener Group and quota

  1. On the Recruitment tab of your study, click Screener on the left side.
  2. Enable the Advanced Screener.
  3. Click the Add Group button in the Screener Groups and Quotas section.
  4. Enter a Group Name.
  5. Add the Quota.
  6. Click Add Conditions to define which participants will belong to this group.
  7. Add a Redirect To option.
  8. Click the Save button to save your groups.
  9. Repeat these steps to add additional Screener groups and quotas.




Overlapping Screener Group example

  • In this example, we're looking for 200 total participants:
    • 100 male
    • 100 female
  • We also want to be more specific:
    • 30 participants to be male who plays basketball
    • 30 participants to be female who plays basketball
  • The most restrictive groups are male who plays basketball and female who plays basketball.
  • Order the Screener Groups as follows:
    • Screener Group 1: Male who plays basketball (Quota: 30)
    • Screener Group 2: Female who plays basketball (Quota: 30)
    • Screener Group 3: Male (Quota: 70)
    • Screener Group 4: Female (Quota: 70)
  • When setting up the groups like in the example above:
    • Screener Group 3: Male fills after Screener Group 1: Male who plays basketball is filled.
    • Screener Group 4: Female fills after Screener Group 2: Female who plays basketball is filled. 



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