Filters to analyze Tree Test results

Learn about filters available to analyze Tree Test results.

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  • First click
    • Shows where participants started their path.
    • It's the first item they clicked on in your tree.
  • Unique clicks
    • Shows how many participants clicked on an item.
    • Multiple clicks made by the same participant are counted as one click.
  • Total clicks
    • Shows how many times an item was clicked in total.
    • Multiple clicks made by the same participant are counted separately.




  • Success
  • Non success
  • I don't know
  • All




Direct path

  • Shows the participants that went directly to an answer
  • For example, they didn't navigate backward or sideways through your tree. 

Indirect path

Shows participants who navigated backward or sideways in your tree before selecting their answer.




  • Values:
    • Count
    • % (Percentage)
  • Hide items with no data
    • Allows you to hide nodes that were not selected or clicked.
    • This simplifies your analysis in case your tree is very large.


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