Analyze a Tree Test

Use these steps to find and understand the results of a Tree Test.

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Access Tree Test results

  1. Go to the Results section of your study.
  2. Select Ratios & Responses ratios_and_responses_button.jpg from the menu on the left.
  3. Scroll to the Tree Test task.
  4. Click Results under it.
  5. View the results in the charts and tables described below.



Information available in Results

  • When accessing the results for a Tree Test task, you are taken to the Tree Test Summary.
  • This section includes:
    • Number of Responses
    • Success rate (percentage)
    • Median time on task (in seconds)




  • The tree section shows the actual tree where you can see the following columns:

    • Clicks: The number of clicks on a specific node.
    • Selection: The number of times a node was selected (not applicable for parent nodes as they can't be selected).
  • There are various filters that you can apply in a Tree.




Effectiveness chart

If you've set up one or more success answers, this chart shows how successful your participants were.


Selection chart

  • This chart shows the nodes that were selected along with the number of participants who selected them.
  • If multiple clicks are needed to reach a node, the path to it is also shown.




Tab name Information provided
  • The path taken and final result are shown for each participant.
  • The — symbol indicates moving between nodes at the same level.
  • The > symbol indicates moving to a node of a lower level.
  • The < symbol indicates moving to a node of a higher level.
  • You see each click one by one for each participant.
  • This includes the path taken and the time taken for each click (in seconds).

Effectiveness status allows you to see:

  • Number and percentage of participants
  • Median time taken

For the path, you can see:

  • The result (Success or Non Success)
  • Number of participants for each
  • Participant percentage


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