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Learn how to analyze your survey results and utilize filters to narrow down your results.

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Audience analytics

  • See participant demographics and screener responses for each survey audience. 
  • Validate audience makeup, gain a view into the diversity within audience parameters, and gain deeper insights into response patterns and trends.



Analyze and filter survey results

  • Survey results are organized into Audience Analytics , Screeners, Demographics, and Questions. 
  • Audience analytics include your test audiences, screeners, and demographics. 
  • All information can be viewed as charts or data tables. 
  • The entire study including the filtered views may be exported in .xls. Individual graphs and visualizations can be exported as PNG, PDF, JPG.


  • Shows a holistic view of your audience's makeup. 
  • A horizontal bar chart shows a breakdown of participants by segment (e.g. UserTesting audience, invite network audience) and how many have completed the test.audience results_surveys.png


  • If you've added screener questions, results are presented in a bar chart with a breakdown of how participants responded.
  • View responses in a chart or data table format that shows the count and percentage breaks of the screener responses.


  • Shows the breakdown based on selected target criteria including country, region (e.g. states), age, gender, household income, employment status, mobile carrier, work industry, job title, job department, and company size.



View your survey results

  1. Go to Results on the Navigation bar.
  2. Use the sidebar menu to jump to or search for specific results, or scroll through all results.
  3. View charts and data tables for each question to see customer insights.
    Optional: Export data to share with others.


  • Multiple-choice questions display in horizontal bar charts.
  • Rating scales are presented as vertical bar charts.
  • Ultimate plan customers will see results for open-ended questions as AI-generated themes that drill down to individual responses while others will see the results as word clouds and individual responses.

Want to see an example? View our short video below.



AI-generated themes for surveys

  • Available for customers on UserTesting's Ultimate plans.
  • Get insights into the "why" behind survey responses without manual analysis, as themes are AI-generated.
  • Themes are generated automatically once 20 participants have completed the survey.
  • Written responses are automatically grouped by themes.
  • A single answer may be classed into more than one theme.
  • “Mentions” refers to how many answers mention a theme.
  • Themes may change as more participants complete the survey.
  • Select “Responses” to see all written responses.
  • You can click on “View responses” under each theme to see all the responses that relate to a theme.
  • Survey themes are displayed in English only, regardless of the language contributors write in.

  • Non-Ultimate customers will see a word cloud.



Filtering survey results

  • You can now filter and save the filters to view results by Participant, Audience, or Question type, or add an ‘OR’ or ‘AND’ operator to narrow down the parameters even further to isolate certain segments or compare results across multiple segments. 
  • Filtered results can then be exported in their entirety to .xls. 
  • Filters are only visible by the person who creates them and do not persist across Workspaces.



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