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Learn about how to use Invite Network to recruit your own participants for your tests.


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Key features

Invite Network is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


  • Invite Network allows you to launch tests with your existing customers, industry experts, and more not found in the UserTesting Contributor Network.
  • With Invite Network, you can...
    • Manage recruitment, compensation, and communication.
    • Customize email templates to invite people to take your test.
    • Decide whether to collect emails or not for desktop tests to improve acceptance rates.
    • Access Interactive Path Flow (IPFs) data completed on all desktop browsers.

Watch the video below to see how Invite Network works for participants.



How it works

  1. Select the Create a test option from the Create test button on your dashboard.
    create a test.png
  2. Choose Create link when asked how you would like to recruit your audience.
    audience recruitment options.png
  3. Click Customize invite.
    customize invite.png
  4. Audience settings: Decide how many contributors you need, which type of device they should use, the estimated time for the test, and what language they should speak.
    invite network audience settings.png
  5. Decide if you want to collect contributors' email addresses. If you choose not to collect emails, see the next section.

    Invite Network mobile tests must collect contributor emails.
    ask for email address.png
  6. Customize brand: Add your company/team name and upload any brand assets.
    customize brand.png
  7. Build your test plan as usual.
  8. Launch your test and Copy the generated link to share directly with participants.
    invite network test invitation link.png
  9. Optional: Click View message template to edit the template before sending it to your participants.
    Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 19.31.01.png
  10. Click View test details to return to your dashboard.



Identifying participants without emails

If you choose not to collect emails, add a reference ID to the test URL or send the test URL as is. UserTesting will automatically generate a reference ID for each participant who takes the test.

To add your own reference ID, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the test link and paste it into a web document.
  2. Add the free string ?participant_id=1 to the end of the URL.
  3. Repeat as needed with different identifiers (i.e., ?participant_id=2, ?participant_id=3, etc.).

    Include an identifier greater than zero. Identifiers that begin with zero (e.g., 007) will not appear with the zeroes in the Excel Export (see Finding contributor identifiers for Invite Network tests).
    reference ID.png

Optional: You can also provide contributors with a redirect link that will return them to the page they were on before taking the test or to a new location.

  1. Repeat the steps for adding the reference ID to the test URL.
  2. Add &redirectURL= after the reference ID string in the URL. Make sure to include https:// in the redirect.
  3. Repeat as many times as needed for each contributor.
    redirect link.png



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