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If you are unfamiliar with participating in research studies, you may have questions and concerns about how UserTesting protects your privacy and uses your information.

What is being recorded?

Participating in the test will only record your voice and screen during the session. UserTesting ceases collecting any information after the session ends. We do not record your mouse clicks or keystrokes. We do not access your files or monitor anything from your device. 

You were contacted to complete the test because a company is interested in learning more about how you use their products, any challenges you may experience, and preferences that have not been addressed. They are not assessing you; your feedback is solely for research purposes. However, if you feel uncomfortable in the context of the test, you can pause the test. You can also opt to stop the session, and nothing will be processed. 

How is this information used? 

Following the completion of the session, a recording is made available to the researcher. They may then want to review the session, highlight certain parts of the feedback that you provided, and share this with their teams to spark discussion, support new ideas, and also validate some ideas they may already have. Videos are stored in encrypted form and can’t be viewed by the public. 

The contact information that you provided when selecting and confirming your identity is for communication purposes, including the confirmation email you received.

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