Messaging a UserTesting Contributor

Use these steps to message a UserTesting contributor.

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About messaging a UserTesting contributor

  • Message a UserTesting contributor when you need to clarify responses they gave in your test or to thank them for their insight.
  • It’s a violation of the Customer Terms of Use for customers to communicate with UserTesting-provided contributors outside of the UserTesting Platform.
    • All communication between customers and contributors should be kept within the UserTesting Message Center.
    • We appreciate your compliance.



Message a UserTesting contributor

  1. Open the test with the response from the contributor you'd like to message.
  2. Find the contributor in the list.
  3. Click the contributor's name.
  4. In the new Contributor information window, select Contact [Username] at the bottom right.
  5. In the Conversation with [Username] window, add your message to the Your message box.
  6. When you're ready to send your message, click Send at the bottom right.


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