Let's import your AskNicely NPS feedback!

Once your account is connected, we will sync your data (up to 5000 most recent responses during your trial). 

We import each response where the customer left a comment. For each response, we also import the notes and the user properties connected to the respondent.

The sentiment is assigned based on the score of the responses. See below:

1. First, go to your AskNicely Account > Click on Settings button > choose  API from list


2. Once in the API section, copy your API Key: Once done - keep those details handy, you'll need them in a second.

3. Now go to EnjoyHQ > Account area > Integrations and click on ‘AskNicely’


4. Set correct email address and paste the API Key you copied from ! It may take a couple of minutes to get all your NPS data in EnjoyHQ


What is synchronized?

The integration will fetch all NPS survey responses, as long as they contain a written comment.

Additionally, we will fetch:

  • topics, as assigned in AskNicely
  • The NPS Score
  • Basic customer profile information (name, email)
  • comments

How are updates and new data handled?

  • We sync new data from AskNicely once a day.
  • We keep fetching updates for existing responses for 7 days (any updates to a response in AskNicely account which was performed later than 7 days after the response was received won't be synchronized to EnjoyHQ


EnjoyHQ will need a few minutes to fetch all your data.


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