The UserZoom integration allows you to automatically fetch any session clips created in any workspace you authorize.

The clips will include the note, anonymized participant information and additional metadata about the clip and session itself.


Connecting the integration

Head to the integrations page in your account, select UserZoom, and click on "connect" to get started:

Once connected, EnjoyHQ will grab the latest available clips in your account and continue to fetch new clips on an hourly basis.

Imported clips can be found in the global search area, added to any project, and embedded in your Stories or Reports:


The clips will include:

  • anonymized participant information

  • clip transcript (if available)

  • note attached to the clip

  • the clip video - it will be playable even by EnjoyHQ users who are not members of your UserZoom account



  1. Where are my clips? I connected the integration, created some UserZoom clips, but no data is being synchronized.

EnjoyHQ's UserZoom Integration will automatically pull in clips made in UserZoom, at most it will take up to an hour for the sync to complete. If it has been a while and you still don't see your clips please check that your UserZoom project is set to Privacy = Shared in the Project details section. Clips from Privacy = Private projects will not be synced to EnjoyHQ from UserZoom.If you require further support or need help adjusting the privacy settings on your UserZoom account, please contact

      2. Are clip transcripts available and/or searchable?


      3. Are you planning to fetch whole sessions?

We are planning bigger and deeper integrations between UserZoom and EnjoyHQ in the future! Please get in touch if you have any suggestions and comments.

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