Segment allows you to send event and customer profile data from your application, and distribute them to a variety sources, EnjoyHQ being one of them.

At the moment the integration will import any valid customer profile as sent via Segment's "identify" call, as long as it contains a valid email address.

The integration is in beta meaning we might add new features, but the basic functionality will remain unchanged.

As soon as we receive the notification from Segment, our system will create a new customer profile, or merge it with an existing one and enrich their information with any traits which were received:


How to connect?

First, head to your EnjoyHQ account, select Segment and create a new API key:

In Segment, select your source of identity data, then select EnjoyHQ as the destination and enter your API key:

From there, we will start receiving and processing your customer profiles.

You can also get started by visiting Segment's marketplace page.


1. Can I backfill the data?

Yes, if your Segment subscription supports it, you can use their features to send over past events

2. Do you support Segment's Groups?

Not at the moment, we're planning to introduce an equivalent of a Group (Account/Organization) - in addition to the customer profile functionality. Once that's available, `onGroup` event will be supported

3. Can I send customer data without an email address?

No, we require a valid-looking email address. Meaning, it has to look like an email, but it doesn't have to be valid in the sense of deliverability, e.g. someone@fake.customer.123 is perfectly valid

4. Are you planning to add even tracking support

Not at the moment

5. How long does it take for a profile imported from Segment to show up in my EnjoyHQ account?

There might be an up to an hour delay between receiving the profile data and it being imported (or updated) into EnjoyHQ. Please keep in mind, that currently, the People section in global search will show only profiles connected to at least one document.

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