Zoom integration allows you to import call recordings without leaving your EnjoyHQ account. You can use any of the recording formats provided by Zoom (gallery view, audio-only and more) as well as transcriptions provided by Zoom. If your account doesn't include transcriptions - don't worry EnjoyHQ can create them for you!



Connecting the integration

To get started head to the integration area, select Zoom and click on the Connect button:

and follow the steps.

Only Zoom account admins or owners can connect the integration - this is required, so that we can find recordings for all meetings in your account. Additionally your account has to be on a paid plan - free Zoom accounts do not have access to past recordings.

When finished, you should configure your integration.



By default, all admins in the EnjoyHQ account will be notified about new recordings being available, no matter who created them.

You can change these settings and:

1. Select which EnjoyHQ admins to notify about new recordings available in Zoom

2. Select which Zoom users (hosts) to monitor for new recordings

to remove an admin or meeting host - click on their avatar. Please note that if no hosts are selected, you will not see any recordings to import.

EnjoyHQ will check every hour for new meetings and recordings attached to them! If you can't see a specific host in the list that means that integration has not yet found a recording for a meeting hosted by that person.


Importing recordings

When ready to import, click on the Import Zoom Recordings button, to get started:

This window shows all known recordings as present in Zoom, you can use the Show menu to switch between new, imported and hidden recordings.

Hiding is useful if you want to skip meetings not relevant to your EnjoyHQ account (team meetings etc) for the hosts you have configured.

To import, click on Import Meeting, then select the recording type and optionally select the transcription options. You can either use transcriptions provided by Zoom (if available in your Zoom account) or let EnjoyHQ generate the transcript for you.

Select recording type

Recording type selection

When ready, click on the Import button. We will notify you via email when your recording import is ready.

If you're using Zoom transcription, the import will usually take 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you want EnjoyHQ to generate the transcript - that might take up to 5 minutes.

Zoom's native transcriptions are not accessible immediately, it might take up to 3 days for the transcription to be available after the recording files are created.

In either case, the final transcript is fully editable and can be highlighted just like any other content.


Working with Zoom recordings

Once imported and transcribed - your Zoom recordings work just like video or audio data. You can also create clips out of your recordings and attach them to highlights created in the transcript.


Removing the integration

To disconnect your Zoom integration, head to the integrations section, select Zoom and click on "Remove". We will remove your credentials from the system, and also deauthorize the connection in your Zoom account.

Please note that already imported recordings will remain in your account. You can remove them using the batch delete function.

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