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Contributor compensation depends on the customer demand, the test type, and the type of tasks included in the test. Test contributors who participate in Live Conversation tests receive additional compensation due to the increased complexity and time investment.


Note: If you expect your unmoderated test to be longer than 15–20 minutes, please review the article regarding ordering tests longer than 15 minutes.


Reward amounts range depending on the test type. The contributor's test feed will always show them the amount they'll get paid for each test. Payments for completed tests are sent 14 days later. Please note compensation applies to contributors from the UserTesting Contributor Network and Custom Network test contributors unless you have created an unpaid Custom Network.

All payments are processed via PayPal fourteen (14) days from the test's completion.

If you conduct Invite Network or Fuel Cycle tests, you must determine your compensation rate and payment method.

Want to support the contributors on your Invite Network and Custom Network? Send them to the Contributor Support Center.


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