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Learn the frequently asked questions about the UserZoom Platform Essentials learning path and certificate in UserTesting University.


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What is the UserZoom Platform Essentials certificate?

The UserZoom Platform Essentials certificate path is your first step in becoming a UserZoom Platform expert. When you answer and pass the test upon completion of the learning path, you'll be able to download a certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile. The certificate is for those who are new to UserZoom or those with little to no previous UX experience. Already a UX veteran? This course serves as a refresher, and offers best practices and tried and true methods to get actionable insights.



What's in it for me?

  • Learn UX best practices on UX research.
  • Walk through study build and analysis for Basic Usability Tests, Surveys, and Click Tests.
  • Practice building a study that is then reviewed by an expert. 
  • Test your newly learned knowledge with scenario-based questions. 
  • When you complete the learning path and pass the test, you'll get a certificate that you can download and add to your LinkedIn profile.



What is expected of me during the learning path?

The learning path takes around 2 hours + the time it takes you to build your study to complete. This is just an estimation. We highly recommend taking your time to get the most from the course. Upon completion, you'll take the test. This consists of 40 questions focusing on UX best practices, Basic Usability Tests, Click Tests, and Surveys. 



Is there an extra fee for the learning path and certification?

No! The learning path and certificate are available to all UserZoom customers.



Does the certificate expire?

No. One thing to keep in mind is that as the UserZoom platform capabilities evolve, this learning path will as well. 

uz_logo_small.jpg Zooie says...

"I set a yearly calendar reminder to review the certification course when our contract renews. This lets me stay on top of what's been added and get a refresher on what’s new in the UserZoom platform."



What score is required to pass the test?

To pass the test and receive your UserZoom Platform Essentials certificate, a score of 80% or higher is required. If you were unable to achieve this score on your first try, that's ok, we all have bad days. You are able to retake the course to complete certification at any time. 


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