Configure redirect links and final pages

Use these steps to configure redirect links and final pages.

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About redirect links and final pages

  • Redirect links and final pages are shown to participants at the end of a study.
  • You can use the default text on the final page, add your own text, or redirect participants to any URL you'd like.
  • Select actions based on the participant's status. Refer to About the Participants List > Participant statuses.
  • You can configure different actions for the same status based on segment.
  • Participants sourced by UserZoom see the automatic set of final pages we have prepared for them.



Configure redirects and final pages

If you make no customization, participants see the default final pages.

  1. Go to the Study Builder section of your study.
  2. In the left menu, scroll to and select Final Pages & Redirects final_pages_and_redirects.jpg.
  3. If the study has more than one segment, under When participants complete the study, select:
    • Same action for all segments: All segments are sent to the same page/URL. 
    • Different action per segment: Define the URL for each segment.
  4. Choose the redirection method for each status:
    • Go to final page:
      • Send participants to the final page in the study.
      • Include the message for when they finish the study (All statuses - complete, screenout, etc).
    • Redirect to URL:
      • Send participants to a specific URL.
      • Make sure the URL includes the http:// or https://.
      • If you are working with a panel provider, send participants back to them at the end of the study so they know their outcome.
    • Close window:
      • Only available for Live Intercepts.
      • The study window automatically closes at the end of the study.



Participant status definitions

For a full list of Participant statuses, see View the Participants List.



Quotafull message when the quota is not full

Participants see the Quotafull message when they try to enter the study but the total number of participants in the segment was reached or the study/segment is offline.

  • Scenario: You want to get 10 responses, so you send out 100 invitation links at the same time. 
  • Participant experience:
    • Only the first 10-15 participants to click the link are able to access the study.
    • The rest receive the quotafull message.
    • If some of the active participants don't finish the study (screenout, inactivity, etc.), the system lets in more participants.
  • Why this happens:
    • The system only allows a limited amount of active participants at the same time to avoid over quota.
    • The system's algorithm takes into consideration that a certain percentage of participants may not complete the study, allowing more active participants than the desired quota.
    • It can happen that all participants end up as completes causing the study to go slightly over quota.

Pro Tip

For Recruit Your Own segments, we recommended sending invitations in waves. This avoids too many participants trying to access the study at the same time.


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