Basic Usability Test feature compatibility

Learn which features are compatible with Basic Usability Test studies for both desktop and mobile.

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General information

  • All browsers must have Javascript and cookies enabled.
  • Rooted, jailbroken mobile devices and all iPad Pro tablets are not supported.



Look & Feel

  Desktop Mobile
Mobile Touch Interface No uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Restart Page uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Back Button No No
Progress Bar No No
Bottom Taskbar uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Floating Taskbar No uz_logo_tiny.jpg




  Desktop Mobile
Add-on Installation Required uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Screener uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Invitation Links uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Site/View Intercept No No
Feedback Tab No No
QR Codes No uz_logo_tiny.jpg



Questionnaire Types

  Desktop Mobile
Questionnaire No No
Initial Questionnaire uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Pre-Task Questionnaire No No
Validation Questionnaire No No
Success Questionnaire No No
Non-Success Questionnaire No No
General Questionnaire No No
Final Questionnaire uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg



Question Types

  Desktop Mobile
Choice - One Answer uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Choice - One Answer (Drop Down) uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Choice - Multiple Answers uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Matrix - One Answer per Row uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Matrix - Multiple Answers per Row uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Rating scale - One Answer (Horizontal) uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Rating scale - Semantic Differential Scale No No
Rating scale - Net Promoter Score (NPS) uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Rank Order (Drag & Drop) No No
Open Ended - Comments Box uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Open Ended - One or More Lines No No
Text Only uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Video Question No No
Tree Testing No No
Screenshot Click Testing No No
Screenshot Timeout No No
Final Pages & Redirects uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg




  Chrome Firefox
Clickstream uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Heatmap uz_logo_tiny.jpg No




  Desktop Mobile
Multimedia Center No No
Restrictions No No
Sample Quality Control No No



Study Builder

  Desktop Mobile
Add Logic No No
Add Conditions No No
Welcome Page uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Welcome Intercept No No
Exit Alerts No No



Task Types

  Desktop Mobile
Navigation No No
Navigation Only No No
TOL Task uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg
Card Sort No No
Tree Test No No
Click Test No No
Timeout Test No No
Questions Only No
(You can use the Initial and Final questionnaires)
(You can use the Initial and Final questionnaires)




  Desktop Mobile
Tracking with Add-on uz_logo_tiny.jpg No
Tracking with SDK No No
Advanced Tracking uz_logo_tiny.jpg uz_logo_tiny.jpg



Video Recording

  Desktop Mobile
Screen Recording only No No
Screen and Audio Recording only uz_logo_tiny.jpg No
Screen and Camera and/or Audio Recording No uz_logo_tiny.jpg


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