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The AI Insight Summary generates an on-demand summary of task results by automatically analyzing verbal, text, and behavioral data to identify themes and key findings.


AI insight summary is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
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About AI Insight Summary

The AI insight summary tool allows you to uncover powerful new insights on demand by leveraging AI to automatically summarize key learnings and identify important moments from video, text, and behavioral data. The AI insight summary feature enables you to: 

  • Analyze the results more efficiently
  • Identify patterns and themes based on what contributors are saying and what they’re doing
  • Uncover insights that may not have been explicitly captured in the transcript data

Use the tool to summarize key findings from selected tasks in minutes. This capability processes the task results through our data pipeline to identify themes, patterns, and correlations across multiple types of data, including:

  • Behavioral data (such as clicks and scrolls)
  • Transcript data

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How It Works

  1. Navigate to the Metrics page after your contributors have completed your test.
  2. Locate any task that displays an Interactive Path Flow or verbal task.
  3. Select the Generate summary button above the task. Selecting this button enables you to see the AI-generated task summary, on-demand. Note that summaries could take a while to be generated, depending on the number of completed sessions. 
    AI insight summary_1.png
  4. Review the overview summary. You can also select the Copy Overview button to copy the summary and paste it into a report.
    Verbal response_overview (1).jpg
  5. Select View source to dive deeper into a specific insight. Here you will find a bulleted summary of how each contributor behaved, along with a video of the contributor performing the summarized actions.
    AI insight summary_3 (1).png
  6. If you navigate back to the Overview, you can select the Contributor summary tab to get a summary of all the actions the contributor took during the task.
    Verbal response - individual response tab (1).jpg

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