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Learn more about Custom Network, a recruitment option that allows you to invite anyone to join your networks through a custom, co-branded experience.


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About Custom Network

Custom Network is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced  Professional 
Ultimate Premium 


  • Custom Network allows you to invite anyone to join a network you create and customize on the UserTesting platform.
  • UserTesting handles the onboarding process and collects demographic information, such as age, gender, and income.
  • UserTesting compensates participants, or you can choose to have an unpaid network.
  • Custom Network filters allow you to target the participants you need for your test.
  • Use Custom Network when...
    • You want to do internal testing with employees or partners.
    • You want to test with a niche audience.
    • You want to continuously test with a specific group.
  • Watch the video below to learn more about how you can use Custom Network.



How it works

  • Create a profile form with the Profile Form Builder.
    • The form is made up of attribute types—questions asking for information you want people to provide (e.g., number of children or kinds of pets) in the way you want it (e.g., no more than 15 characters or numbers only).
    • These attribute types become the filters you use when selecting people for your test.
  • Create your own test invitations.
  • Send a link to the people you want to join your network.
    • From this link, they can create accounts and sign up for the network, filling out the form to provide the requested information.
  • You can even add a referral code to this link for more flexibility with your tests.
    • For example, share the link and referral code with fans on Facebook and Twitter to uncover any differences between members of both sites.
    • Or share the link and referral code with people you meet at a conference, or with fans in a loyalty program. 
  • When you launch a test to your Custom Network, our system will send a notification to participants each hour until the study fills.
    • For example, if you have a Custom Network of 45 individuals, and you set up the test to recruit 10 participants, the system will only send the alert to 10 participants.
    • It's best practice to over-recruit for your studies if using Custom Network to more quickly fill your test.
  • Qualified Custom Network participants will see the test notification on their dashboard if they're logged into UserTesting.
    • If logged into UserTesting, qualified participants will not receive an email notification.
    • If logged out of the platform, qualified participants will receive an email notification.
  • Participants using mobile devices should be instructed to download the UserTesting app
    • We advise including this information in your custom invitation if you're conducting a mobile device test.



What people see

  • Here’s what people see when they click the link you send them:Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_11.58.57_AM.png
  • Once people create accounts and profiles, they can provide the information you requested.A screenshot of the profile form getting filled out.
  • When you launch tests, use the filters you created in the Profile Form Builder to find the right people for your tests.screenshot of the filters including filters from the profile form.
  • Using the filters above as an example, you can select people based on what kind of pet they have or whether they have children within a specific age range. When you’re ready, launch the test to your network.

For Contributor Support, visit the Custom Network Support Center.



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