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Who has access to Custom Network?

Customers on Premium and Ultimate subscription plans have access to Custom Network.



What is the difference between Invite Network and Custom Network?

While similar, there are key differences between Invite Network and Custom Network. Both allow you to invite and test with your own participants.

With Custom Network, UserTesting collects onboarding information, such as age and income, and compensates the participants. Additionally, Custom Network allows you to test with the same people, again and again, making it easier and faster to gather insights. 



How many people can I include on a Custom Network?

There is no cap on the number of people you can have in a Custom Network. When you launch a test to Custom Network, the current study size limits will apply. Also, consider that if a participant on your Custom Network does not get tests very often, they may lose interest in the network.



What happens when a participant joins the Custom Network?

Once a participant joins a Custom Network, they are prompted to fill out their profile with the required information (attributes and device information). They need to do this to be able to receive test invitations.



Why would a Custom Network participant not be invited to participate?

The most common reason Custom Network participants are not invited to participate in a study is because they have not selected Chrome as a browser, and the audience builder defaults to Chrome. One way to help ensure all participants are invited is to select all browsers when building an audience.

Also, if the participant happens to be logged into the test feed, they will not get sent an email invitation; they will only receive a dashboard notification.



What happens if I have unfilled sessions?

When a new person is added to an existing Custom Network, they're automatically sent invitations to unfilled tests for that network. This can create confusion if those unfilled tests are old studies that you don't plan on revisiting.

Make it a habit to go through your dashboard and cancel any unfilled sessions that you no longer plan to use. 



Am I only able to include participants who live in the United States?

You can test with people all over the world. If you plan to add participants from different countries to your Custom Network, you can create your own country filter using custom profiling questions.  All participants are automatically asked about what devices they own and what browsers they use.

Please note: If a network is to be paid, participants must reside in a country that allows PayPal payments to be sent and received. 



Can I include participants of any age?

UserTesting has specific rules and processes for testing with participants under 18 years of age



Do participants have to agree to UserTesting's Terms of Services and Privacy Policy?

Yes! When a participant joins a Custom Network, they agree to UserTesting's Contributor Terms of Service and also agree to abide by our Privacy Policy.



Is there a cap on the number of networks I can create?

No, there is no cap on the number of networks you can create.



What demographic information does UserTesting collect on Custom Network participants?

You set up custom profiling questions for each of your Custom Networks and then use that information to filter audiences when launching a test. All participants are automatically asked about what devices they own and what browsers they use.



What does "Include PII in network data" do?

"PII," or Personally Identifiable Information, is defined as information that can be used to identify a particular individual, including name, date of birth, Social Security number, email address, postal address, phone number, and any other information that, either alone or in combination with other data, could be used to identify or contact a particular person.

To protect the privacy of your participants, it’s important to avoid collecting prohibited PII and to collect sensitive PII only with a participant's consent, which is usually acquired through a screener question. Selecting “Include PII in network data” will show participants’ PII and email addresses when viewing participant profiles or when exporting network information. Note that if you choose to “Include PII in network data,” all users on your account will have access to this information.

See our additional information PII, GDPR, and HIPAA.



Can I change how much participants are paid? 

Custom incentives are currently not an available feature.



Can I add Custom Network participants to my Favorite contributors?

Custom Network participant can not be added to your Favorite contributors. Only members from the UserTesting Contributor Network can make up Favorite contributors group.



Can I add new people to a Custom Network at any time?

Yes! You can always invite new participants to join any of your existing networks. By selecting Invite from the Custom Network dashboard, you can get the invitation link and send it out to anyone you would like to include in the network. Or you can build your own test invitations.



Can I remove people from a Custom Network?

Yes, you can remove participants from the network at any time.

  1. From your Custom Network dashboard, select View Network.
  2. Select Remove next to the contributor whom you would like to exclude from the network.



Can the same participant be on more than one network?

Absolutely. You can invite the same participant to multiple networks. Participants will have to complete the attribute profile form for each network that you want them to join.



Do the participants on a Custom Network take tests from other UserTesting customers?

No. Participants that you invite to your Custom Network will receive invitations to test only from you. They will not receive invitations distributed to the UserTesting Network. Your participants, however, may be invited to join multiple Custom Networks by other users. 



How will I know when my participants elect to leave my Custom Network?

While viewing any of your active networks, your participants are marked as “active.” Any participants who have chosen to leave your network will be marked as “inactive” and will no longer be invited to tests that are sent to that particular network. 



What support can I provide my participants?

If your participants need support, you can have them visit the participant support center.



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