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Fast feedback ensures you are creating a campaign that communicates the key points and is understood by your target audience. The UserTesting Platform has a variety of tools that can help you build an effective marketing campaign.


Launching a campaign that is not received well by your target audience can be a disaster. You can avoid such misfortune by collecting feedback throughout the process of building and launching your marketing campaign so as to be confident in its success.

When building your campaign, follow the steps below to collect feedback using the UserTesting Platform. And throughout this process, remember to leverage the templates—Ad testing, Brand imagery evaluation, Brand perception interview, and Messaging comprehension, and so on—in the Platform's Template Gallery.

Ideate Create Manage Distribute Optimize
Understand needs, the landscape, attitudes, and behaviors Brainstorm, plan, test, design, and test the asset Go/No-Go approval, administrative planning Share with your audience, capture and review test results, and test to inform the analytics Review performance, share findings, and continuously improve


Ideate phase

Conduct discovery interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the audience you are targeting with the campaign. Understand their attitudes towards the topic, as well as their expectations. Run an unmoderated interview or leverage Live Conversation to have more in-depth one-on-one conversations with people.


As soon as you have concept ideas, get feedback on those ideas before you put too much work into making them perfect. You can get feedback on any kind of asset with the UserTesting Platform: a video, an image, messaging, or a mock-up of a microsite.

Compare multiple concepts using the Balanced Comparison feature to help you decide which concept to build out more completely.

Ask questions that help you understand:

  • Which image is most trustworthy and compelling?
  • What message did the ad convey?
  • How well do customers understand the vocabulary we use?
  • How effectively are we communicating who we are and why this offering is special?

When testing your marketing copy:

  • Put taglines or sentences into the text of your test questions to get feedback on short pieces of text.
  • Use images of emails or other content to get feedback on full blocks of text and when you want feedback on the layout of the text.

Learn more about testing your marketing copy in our University's Testing Your Message course.


Include a UserTesting test as part of your Go/No-Go decision-making process. Use metrics questions and measure the success of the campaign against your established benchmark criteria before launching.


Once you launch, review the analytics for your campaign. Launch UserTesting tests to gain deeper insight into the data you are seeing—especially any metrics that are different than you expected. Learn more about how the numbers and narratives found in UserTesting test results fit together.


Share the results with key stakeholders from cross-functional teams. Create a highlight reel that illustrates how people are experiencing the campaign.

Continue to review analytics for your campaign to determine whether it had the desired effects on your audience’s understanding, attitudes, and behavior. Measure your campaign against the benchmarks again to ensure the campaign is achieving the metrics you had established. Identify the next evolution of the campaign and return to the Ideate step and start the process again.


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