Integrated Login Experience for UserTesting, UserZoom, and EnjoyHQ

At a Glance

The joining of UserTesting, UserZoom, and EnjoyHQ allows customers with subscriptions to these platforms to seamlessly toggle between their account dashboards.


We’re bringing UserZoom and EnjoyHQ together under the UserTesting company name as a powerful end-to-end solution that will drive more value and outcomes for your teams. Read more about this news here.

Access UserTesting, UserZoom, and EnjoyHQ platforms with one integrated login experience. After authenticating your sessions, you can move between platforms directly within the user interface. 

This integrated login experience is available for customers' subscriptions to multiple products, including UserTesting, UserZoom, and/or EnjoyHQ. Once authenticated within each platform, you can use the same browser tab to navigate to desired platforms and web pages without re-authenticating. 

How to Log In

A separate authentication is required when first logging into each platform. You can log in using the email and password combination you selected for each platform, which may include one email and multiple password combinations.

Accessing the app launcher from UserTesting

Select your initials on the UserTesting dashboard to open the app launcher. 


Accessing the app launcher from UserZoom

Select the Launch button on the UserZoom dashboard to select other platforms.


Accessing the app launcher from EnjoyHQ

Select the app launcher on the EnjoyHQ dashboard.



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