How to Validate and Recruit Your Ideal Contributors

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Do you have challenges reaching niche audiences you want to test with? Or maybe you need to validate that you have the right contributor and that they are in fact, in your target audience. One way to combat these challenges is to validate and recruit your ideal contributors through a study.

There are two main components to consider when recruiting an audience. The first is writing
Screener questions that don’t reveal what your test is about. The second is a task for verification that only people matching the criteria could answer. This would be done to validate that a contributor has the correct device or product needed to complete your test.

This initial test will help you decide if you want to run a broader test with the contributors you heard back from. You can add chosen contributors as a Favorite contributor, or create a Favorite Contributor Network if you want to run a wider test with many contributors from this study later. 

This concept is similar to a Diary study because, in both instances, you want to inform your contributors about what will come next in upcoming tests. Also, let contributors know that upon each test completion, they’ll be evaluated and sent another test to complete along with other important information, such as time commitment or if it will be a moderated or unmoderated test. This is also when you can gather information needed from contributors before deciding if you’d like to test with them again.

Use case 

How can you ensure that you have the right contributor and they are truly a part of your target audience? Start by creating questions that don’t reveal what the test is about. You want to begin with a broader question and then narrow it down to specifics.

Here’s an example. You have a laundry detergent brand and are looking for contributors that already use and have the specific laundry detergent in their homes. Begin recruiting your audience by creating Screener questions to qualify individuals by asking specific questions. 



Additional questions:

  1. Do you currently have a container of laundry detergent in your home? [Yes-accept, No-Reject]
  2. Are you willing to show and use your laundry detergent on camera? [Yes-accept, No-Reject]

Then, in the test portion, have contributors show the product and answer questions. This way, contributors confirm that they have the exact product needed.

Example test plan

Present your scenario.


Example questions and tasks:

  1. How long have you used Ginger Sunshine Laundry Detergent? [Written response]
  2. Where do you purchase Ginger Sunshine? Select all that apply.  [Multiple choice: Online, In store]
  3. How many people are in your household? [Written response]
  4. How many times per week do you use Ginger Sunshine Laundry Detergent? [Written response]
  5. Which scent of Ginger Sunshine do you currently use? [Multiple choice: Orange Rays of Sun, Sunlight Lavender, Ginger spice, Sensitive–no odor]
  6. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the scent of Ginger Sunshine Laundry Detergent? [Rating scale: Very dissatisfied to Very satisfied]
  7. What size jug of detergent do you typically purchase?  [Multiple choice: 25 Fl Oz, 65 Fl Oz, 100 Fl Oz, 154 Fl Oz]
  8. Use your camera for this task. Show us how much detergent you use by pouring the amount you normally use into the included lid. [Camera task]
  9. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with how long your detergent lasts? {Rating scale: Very dissatisfied to Very satisfied]
  10. Describe your current laundry routine. [Verbal response]
  11. Your answers will be evaluated, and if selected for this study, you will receive the next test in two weeks. If chosen, how likely are you to participate in the next test? 

Note: When building your Test plan, you will also have the option to use Tasked groups — pre-configured sets of tasks designed to deliver results focused on specified test objectives, including findability, content, and visual appeal. To learn more about Tasked groups, view our article, "How to Use Grouped Tasks and Results".


Head over to the UserTesting Platform to set up your study to find the right contributors for your test. If you need further assistance, check out this article to learn what Professional Services offer.

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