Fresh eyes and test filters to manage repeat participants

Learn about fresh eyes and test filters and how they can help you manage repeat participants who may take more than one of your tests. 


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About fresh eyes and test filters

  • Fresh eyes is a default account setting for the UserTesting Network.
    • It prevents repeat participants from completing more than one of your tests (on the account level) in a given time frame.
    • It is not a feature you can set on your own.
    • Fresh eyes only apply when testing with participants from the UserTesting Network.
  • The Test frequency filter allows you to manage the test frequency of your participants for each test.
    • It overrides the fresh eyes setting at the test level.
  • The Exclude contributors from prior tests filter allows you to exclude people who took any of your previous 10 tests.
  • Test filters must be applied while creating your audience and cannot be edited after launching your test.
  • Controlling the testing frequency of your participants is very important for several reasons:
    • You may have a large pool of potential participants, so you may want to prevent people from taking more than one of your tests—keeping feedback "fresh."
    • You may only have access to a small group of participants, so allowing people to take your tests more frequently is vital to receiving feedback. 
  • Test filters can impact how quickly your tests fill. 
    • As you increase the test frequency interval, you reduce the pool of available participants.
    • If you have strict demographic filters or screeners, you may want to decrease the interval.



How to use fresh eyes

  • By default, Fresh Eyes is enabled on all accounts for the UserTesting Network at a 360-day interval.
  • It can be adjusted or turned off completely. 
  • The test frequency filter overrides your fresh eyes settings at the test level.
  • You can enable fresh eyes at the account or team member level.
    • Account level: Participants will only be able to complete one test created by your team members within the specified time frame. 
    • Team member level: Participants won't be able to complete another test created by the same team member, but they can still take tests created by other team members. 
  • To adjust the account or team member level for fresh eyes settings, contact our Support team.



Fresh eyes for surveys

  • Fresh eyes for surveys is a default account setting for the UserTesting Network that prevents participants from completing more than one survey in a given time frame.
  • The fresh eyes period varies by country as follows:

    60 days 14 days 7 days
    United States Canada Austria
      Germany Denmark
      India France
      Mexico Ireland
      Spain Netherlands
      United Kingdom Sweden

    Note: Fresh eyes for surveys are set on the account level, which is the reason for the shorter fresh eyes period.



How to use the Test frequency filter

  • The test frequency filter allows you to set your testing frequency parameters for participants at the test level.
  • To set the test frequency at the test level, follow these steps:
    1. In the Audience builder, select Test frequency from the filters section.
      testing frequency usertesting.png

    2. Adjust the number of days since the last completed test on the account.



How to use the Exclude contributors from prior tests filter

  • You also have the option to exclude contributors who took a specific test. 
  • Because fresh eyes do not apply when launching a test to Favorite contributor networks or Custom Networks, you will need to use test filters if you want to limit contributors who have tested before.
  • When excluding contributors, you exclude them from any of the previous 10 tests.
    • The most recent exclusion does not apply to all contributor networks.
    • For example, UserTesting Network participants who took the 10 most recent tests will be barred from the next test that recruits from the UserTesting Network.
    • Participants from the 10 most recent Custom Network tests will be excluded from the next test that recruits from the Custom Network.
  • To exclude contributors from prior studies, follow these steps.
    1. In the Audience builder, select Exclude contributors from prior tests from the filters section.
    2. Choose which of the last 10 tests you want to exclude contributors from.
      exclude contributors from prior tests usertesting.png



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