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Learn how to create an overview of a test's results and share it with colleagues using the Summary tab.

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About the Summary tab

  • Create an overview of a test's results and share it with colleagues.
  • Enter the information you want (for example, the name of your team, the test's objective), then send a link.
  • Notes and clips marked important, along with tabs, are imported from the video player.



Share the Insights Summary

To start, open a test from the Dashboard and select the Summary tab. There are two options for sharing:


Download a PDF

Select the Download PDF Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 10.27.13 AM.pngbutton to download the Insights Summary to your device.

  1. Links to videos in the PDF will follow the default sharing results in your account.
  2. To give non-account stakeholders access to these links without requiring them to log in:
    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Click the Security tab.
    3. Under Security and sharing preferences, set the Share default setting to Anyone with the link.
    4. Toggle off Require account membership to view assets.


Share with a link

Select the Share Summary Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 10.34.12 AM.pngbutton to access an editable link to share with people in your workspace or share a link with any account member.
Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 10.34.22 AM.png



Edit the Insights Summary

To edit the Summary:

  1. Toggle on Edit mode. edit mode userteting
  2. Hide sections that you do not want to include on the Summary page for the test.
    Powtoon_GIF (43).gif
  3. When you collapse a section, it is hidden when Edit mode is switched off.
    💡Tip: If you don’t enter anything in a field, collapse the section. That way, it won’t be visible when you turn off Edit mode.



Summary tab sections

There are five fields at the top of the Summary tab:

  • Team: Your teammates or your team’s name
  • Objective: The test’s goal–what you’re trying to find out
  • Context: Information that provides context for the test (e.g., reasons for or circumstances justifying the test)
  • Findings: Observations–what the test revealed
  • Next steps: Actions to take based on what the test shows

There are three sections after these fields:


Contributors section

  • Shows how many people took your test, as well as the filters you used to define your audience.
  • Enter additional information in the Comments field.
  • To hide a filter, hover over it while in Edit mode.
  • To show a filter again after it has been hidden, return to Edit mode and select Show.


Tags section

  • Shows the tags you added in the Notes and clips section of the video player. 
  • To hide a tag, hover over the tag and click on it.
  • Add text to the Comments field.
    Powtoon_GIF (44).gif


Positive, negative, and neutral feedback

  • Notes and clips marked as important in the video player appear in the Feedback section.
    • Positive feedback displays notes and clips tagged with positive sentiment.
    • Negative feedback displays notes and clips tagged with negative sentiment.
    • Neutral feedback displays notes and clips not tagged with any sentiment.
  • Add text to the Comments field.
  • Hide individual notes and clips by hovering over them while in Edit mode.


  • Only notes and clips manually tagged with sentiment are imported, not those automatically identified by sentiment analysis in the video player.
  • To mark notes and clips as important, follow the steps in this article.



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