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Learn about the Results section.

Plan Availability: All Plans
👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, Researchers, and Collaborators
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  • UserZoom's Results visualization and analysis capabilities make it simple for you to find and share UX insights and tell your user experience story.
  • Features include:
    • Single scroll navigation
      • Scroll through the Ratios & Responses sections to view the results of your study.
      • The selector follows along as you scroll so you know the corresponding task or question.
    • Vertical navigation - Find these options in the left menu:
      • Ratios & Responses ratios_and_responses_button.jpg
      • Exports exports_button.jpg (Corporate, Essentials, Professional, International, and Premium plans)
      • Participants List participants_list_button.jpg
    • Updated charts and graphs
    • Filtering capabilities
    • The Results section offers metrics like Mean, Median, Min (Minimum), Max (Maximum), and StDev (Standard Deviation).
      • This information is in data tables in the results section at the far right end of the data displayed (Results > Data). 
      • Availability depends on Task and Question type.
    • For tasks with Effectiveness data, you can enable Confidence Intervals.
    • Learn how to export results data and all customization and export options for the Participant List.
    • We're always striving to improve your experience. More enhancements are on the way!

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