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Use these steps to view the Participants List.

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About the Participants List

  • The Participant List is the list of all participants who took the study.
  • By default, you will see participants who completed the study.
  • To see all other instances, click the Filter option at the top right. Choose from:
    • Completes only
    • All participants (all study outcomes)
    • Testers
  • To customize your Participants List to show the columns that you need, click the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the table.


Participant statuses

  • Incomplete: The participant dropped out of the study without completing it.
  • Complete: The participant answered all required questions and/or completed required tasks.
  • Disqualified: The participant didn't meet the criteria to participate in the study and got disqualified.
  • For other statuses refer to Enable Sample Quality Control for more information.


Information on the Participants List

  • UZID:  The Participant ID assigned by UserZoom to each participant made up of the Project ID followed by a unique number.
  • Panel ID: 
    • The ID assigned to each participant by a Panel Vendor.
    • When recruiting isn't done by Panel links, the system automatically generates a unique ID.
  • Segment:  The segment each participant belongs to.
  • Start Date:
    • Exact date and time when participants started the study.
    • The time listed is based on the timezone that you set up for your personal account.
  • End Date:
    • Exact date and time when participants finished the study.
    • The time listed is based on the timezone that you set up for your personal account.
  • Status: See above.
  • Unique Invitation Link:  



Access the Participant List

  1. Go to the Results section of your study.
  2. On the left menu, click Participants List participants_list_icon.png.



Show the Panel ID or Unique Invitation column

If you invited participants to your study through Single-Use Links or Panel Links, use the Unique Invitation Link or Panel ID column in the Participant List to match the UserZoom participant IDs with the participants that you or your panel vendor invited.


To show the Unique Invitation Link column:

    1. Click the Settings icon on the top-right corner
    2. Check the Unique Invitation Link option.

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