Branching logic for UserTesting surveys

Learn about branching logic in a UserTesting survey.

💡Note:  This is our initial release of branching logic and it’s in Open Beta. We aim to make continued improvements based on your feedback.


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About branching logic

  • Allows you to adapt the design of your survey based on participant responses
  • Creates a more dynamic survey and helps in gathering relevant and precise information
  • Enables a personalized and relevant experience for participants

💡Note: Logic only applies to your test plan, not to screener questions.



Logic rules

  • A logic node may have several rules.
  • Logic rules are a single action to be completed based on a response or answer to a question in a survey.
  • Rules can differ depending on the question type


Multiple-choice - Single-select logic rule

  • Can only be used for Multiple-choice questions that have a Single select configuration
  • Allows you to branch participants to specific questions depending on how they respond to the single-select
  • You can set up specific rules to branch participants based on the possible list of answers they’ve indicated in the responses to the multiple-choice.
  • You can indicate as many branches as there are options–there isn’t a restriction on the number of multiple-choice (Single-select) logic rules that can be applied to a Multiple-choice - Single-select task.



Multiple-choice - Multi-select logic rule

  • Can only be used for Multiple-choice questions that have a Multi-select configuration
  • Only one multi-select logic rule may be present per question



Rating scale logic rule

  • Can only be used on the Rating scale question
  • Has no restrictions
  • You can configure your logic in any way that allows multiple rules to be true, the top rule will be the one applied.
  • Allows you to ask a rating scale question and follow up with participants who respond with Less than, More than, or Equal to a specific number on that scale by branching them to a specific follow-up question



Otherwise logic rule

  • Can’t exist on its own
  • Will appear by default if another logic rule is present
  • Allows you to split off two clearly defined branches from a single question based on the participants’ answers.
  • Can be added for:
    • Multiple choice (single select)
    • Multiple choice (multi-select)
    • Rating scale
  • Allows you to identify participants who responded with a specific response to a question in one branch, and all other participants in another.



After this question logic rule

  • This is the default logic rule.
  • Allows you to indicate a specific question that should always follow up another question
  • Allows you to route a participant back to the survey path after having branched them away previously



How it works

  1. Select the Add rule button below the logic node.
  2. Then,



Results tab

  • A note will be present on any questions where a logic node has been placed to indicate that logic is present.
  • You can see how many participants, out of your total number of participants, responded to a question.
  • You can also view how many participants didn’t see the question based on the logic in place in your test.


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