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UserTesting Insights Services offers end-to-end research solutions to cater to the unique research needs of diverse teams.


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Every organization and team has unique research needs. At UserTesting Insights Services, we offer various insights services to cater to different teams' needs, including unlimited insights or study-based insights for companies of all sizes and verticals. Some benefits of Insight Services include:

  • Work with the industry’s best UX research team. UserTesting Insights Services consists of UX and CX specialists with 200+ years of cumulative experience across multiple industries guaranteeing research quality and continuity.
  • Accelerate innovation with insights on-demand. Insights Services accelerates innovation by providing on-demand insights. Access timely and actionable research findings, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive growth within your organization.
  • Amplify your research impact across your organization. Increase your UX program's speed, quality, and impact with support from our dedicated research experts. We partner with you throughout the research.

Insight Services include:

  • Study Design
  • Participant recruiting
  • Screener and script design 
  • Identifying the optimal methodology
  • Building and launching tests in the Platform 
  • Data and video analysis 
  • Final report Delivery 
  • Insights read-outs and recommendations. 

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Insight Services Solutions

There are several different solutions you can choose that will guide decision-making and increase research impact to your business.


service icon.pngUnlimited Insights Services

Our Unlimited Insights Services team is dedicated to providing research services that cater to all our customers' research needs for the duration of their contracts. 


target icon.pngCustom Insights Services

Custom Projects provides personalized research to meet unique business needs. Our team delivers timely and specific insights, aligning with individual goals and challenges.  


team icon.pngDiscover Insights Services

Let our Insights Team fuel you with confidence that real-world data support the products you are designing and that the data represents the broader target audience. This service includes:

  • Attitudes and usage study
  • Personas development
  • Personas validation


persona icon.pngDesign Insights Services

The Insight Services team uses agile UX research methods and provides valuable insights to help you make informed design decisions, accelerating your product velocity. This service includes:

  • Agile design testing
  • Accessibility testing


star icon.pngLaunch Insights Services

Launch with confidence with insights you receive, enhancing the likelihood of success, fostering growth, and creating a solid foundation for long-term viability in the market. This service includes:

  • A/B testing


stats icon.pngMeasure Insights Services

Generate insights worth investigating. Our Measure Insights Services can pinpoint areas needing attention. Statistically significant samples provide valid insights. This service includes:

  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Longitudinal benchmarking


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