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UserTesting's Professional Services team consists of world-class user experience experts, project managers, and recruiters. Our team is here to help guide you through your research projects or to conduct the research on your behalf.

Professional Services encompasses the following teams and areas of focus:

  • Implementation Services 
  • Dedicated Services
  • Study Based Services
  • ResearchOps Services
  • Strategic Services

The ensuing graphic and table break down how these teams and services can best assist you with your testing goals:





How Professional Services can assist your team

To get assistance from our Professional Services team, reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or submit a request via our project request form. 

Most customers prepurchase Professional Services with their software subscription. But even if you haven’t prepurchased Premier Support from our team, we can scope out the effort and provide you a proposal and the cost associated with it.  

When you prepurchase Premier Support, we can ensure that team members are available when needed and get your project started more quickly. Even if you are in the middle of your software contract, you can contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss purchasing Premier Support from our Professional Services team.  

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