How to Launch an Unreleased Android App Test

At a Glance

To test an unreleased android app with UserTesting, upload the public link to your app build or APK file when you order the test. Instructions will be provided to contributors to download and install the unreleased Android app before they begin the test.

Step 1. Log in

Log into your dashboard.

Step 2. Create a Test
Click Create test and scroll down to select Create a test.



Step 3. Choose whether you want to test  a: Prototype, Website, or App 
 In this case, we'll select App.


Step 4. Select your panel

In order to test an unreleased Android app, you'll need to select Build audience. Unreleased app testing is not yet available for the Create link option (Invite Network).


 Step 5. Link or Upload your app file
At this stage, you'll need to provide a public link to your app build or upload your APK file. You can also drag and drop the file.


Step 6. Select Your Audience
Use a saved audience or create from scratch. Indicate the number of contributors you'd like for this study and indicate your demographic preferences. For app tests, contributors can use a tablet or smartphone.Screen_Shot_2022-04-08_at_11.55.46_AM.png


Screeners are multiple-choice questions that contributors are required to answer correctly before they are able to accept your test. This is an optional feature you can select if the demographic fields above do not cover your requirements. Click here to read more about screeners.


Step 7. Build your test plan

You can use a saved test plan, or create from scratch.

First, provide basic instructions to help testers get in the right frame of mind. For example, "pretend you're shopping for a birthday gift for your mother," or "you took photos at a party and you want to share them with your friends."


Drag and drop the questions and tasks you'd like contributors to complete during your test. You can also refer to our bank of popular tasks if you're not sure what tasks or questions to use. 

Pro Tip: Feel free to add the following as your last task: "Please record yourself deleting the app from your device."
After contributors finish recording their session, they'll see a pop-up questionnaire with 1 - 4 questions requiring a written response. You can use the default questions that are included with every test or write your own.


Step 8. Review and Launch Test
Review your test details before launching your test. 


When you're ready, click Launch Test or Schedule Test to launch at a later time.

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