Part 6: Launch your test

Now that your test is built, it's time to launch your test on the Platform! This is Part 6 of a series of articles.

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Review and launch your test

  • The overview page displays your target audience and the test plan summary.
  • Review the information and remember to give your test a name.
  • When you are satisfied, click Launch Test.
  • Pro Tip: Remember to preview your test plan before launching.
    • The Preview test plan button is available when editing the test plan and under the Options menu (three dots) in the Test plan summary section.
    • If need be, you can edit a test after launch.




Best practice: Pilot your test

Launching a pilot test allows you to make sure that your test does what you intended.

  1. Launch your test to a very small group, sometimes one participant may be enough.
  2. Review the video to discover any challenges the participant encountered or places where your script could be improved.
  3. Verify that your tasks are performing as expected.
  4. Ask these five questions:
    • Do your tasks and questions make sense?
    • Are your questions answered adequately?
    • Were all required steps (For example, logging in to a specific account or interacting with the right pages) completed?
    • Are the links in the script functioning properly?
    • Do your screener questions find the right participants?
  5. After answering the above questions, you may need to:



After a successful pilot

Ok, so you've piloted your test and made sure it's working as you need it to to get the best insights...what now? 

  1. Add more participants to your test.
    Note: Depending on your subscription terms, there may be limits on how many participants you can add to a single study.
  2. Launch your test


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