EnjoyHQ chatbot

Introducing your digital EnjoyHQ assistant

It's our pleasure to introduce your EnjoyHQ chatbot, powered by Ada. It'll help serve up useful and relevant content, answer your questions, help new users to get started, loop in the human Support team, and even tell you a fun fact or joke.

Ask away, and if the bot doesn't have the answer, we're constantly reviewing the questions that go unanswered so that we can make it smarter and smarter.

We are removing the Intercom chat, however tell the bot that you'd like to "speak to support" and you'll be put in contact with a member of the Support team. The support email (support@getenjoyhq.com) is still available for you to use too.

What to ask the chatbot 🤖

You can ask the chatbot things like:

  • How do I get started?
  • What is a tag?
  • I want to speak to sales
  • How do I create a chart?
  • What is a dashboard?
  • What's the difference between a tag and a property?
  • How do I invite my team to EnjoyHQ?
  • What is the meaning of life?


How to speak to a human

When you open the chatbot, you'll see a quick link to "Contact support". Click that link and you'll be put in contact with a member of the team.

As well as this, you can tell the bot that you want to "Speak to support" and you'll be put in contact with a member of the Support team directly inside the chat window. Or, if a support agent isn't currently available the chatbot will raise a ticket for you.


Sharing your product feedback or feature requests

If you have some feedback or a feature request, simply send "feature request" to the chatbot and it'll prompt you for more information

An image of an EnjoyHQ chatbot conversation

And wait, there's more! Ask the chatbot for a fun fact, a joke or even for the meaning of life 😁 just don't ask it to "open the pod bay doors".


Additional resources

Ada privacy policy

Ada security policy

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