Saved Audiences

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Saved audiences allow you to save and share audience criteria for reuse—making research more accessible and more efficient while empowering everyone in your organization to create great experiences.


Saved Audiences are available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials  Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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Key Features

Saved audiences let you:

  • Increase the efficiency of gaining insights via customer feedback by quickly accessing previously defined criteria
  • Avoid costly mistakes and rewrites by ensuring your standards are followed
  • Enable anyone to accurately and rapidly collect feedback, guided by best practices you define

Watch a short video to learn how to save an audience as a template:

How to Create a Saved Audience

You can create a saved audience by building an unmoderated test and selecting the Build audience option (rather than Create link).

Note: This feature is not available for Invite Network.

From the launchpad, do the following:

  1. Click Select audience.
  2. Select the demographic filters and screener questions to target your exact contributors.
  3. Click Save as Template.

    4. Enter a title and brief description, so it's easy to find later.
    If you have a Premium or Ultimate subscription, you may also save the template as personal, workspace, or account—view Template Access Control for more information.

How to Use a Saved Audience in a Test 

Once you save an audience, anyone who can create tests in your account can select it to create a test. To begin, do the following:

  1. Create a test from scratch or copy an existing test.
  2. Click Select Audience.

  3. Select one or more saved audiences.
    Note: If no saved audience suits your needs, create a new audience by selecting Create from scratch.

  4. Confirm the device you want contributors to use.

How to Use a Saved Audience in a Quick Answer 

Anyone who can launch a Quick Answers test can use saved audiences with Quick Answers.

  1. Select the Quick Answer you want to use for your study from the Template gallery. Choose to invite people From Networks (saved audiences are unavailable for Invite Network).

  2. Then follow the same steps as described above for adding a saved audience to your test. Note: You can use only one saved audience with Quick Answers.

How to Use a Saved Audience in a Live Conversation 

  1. Select Schedule a live conversation from the Create test menu and choose to build an audience (saved audiences are not available for Invite Network).

  2. Then follow the same steps as described above for adding a saved audience to your test.

How to Manage Saved Audiences

Anyone who can create a test on the account can edit and delete saved audiences via the Template Library, located in Manage Templates. To make changes, do the following:

  1. Choose Manage Templates from the navigation menu. 

  2. A list of saved audiences appears (under the Audiences tab).

  3. From here, you can view information (created by, creation date) about a specific saved audience.  You can also Edit or Delete the template via the dropdown menu.

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