Using the "Other requirements" Field

At a Glance

The Other requirements filter allows you to inform contributors of special requirements before they agree to take your test.


If your test requires the contributor to do something slightly outside the norm—download and test your software, enroll in a college class, or upload a picture of themselves—disclose this requirement ahead of time so that the contributor has the option from the outset to decline your test.

Disclosing this ahead of time helps ensure that only contributors willing to comply will proceed.

The Other requirements field is displayed to contributors before they take your screener, so keep this in mind when writing your screener question, taking care to not "give away" the correct answer to a screener. 

Communicating Other Test Requirements with Contributors

Select the Other requirements checkbox from the list of Filters and then add your requirement to the test demographics.


An example of a message to place in the Other requirements field to alert contributors to a specific requirement would be: "Are you willing to download and install a 20MB piece of software for this test?"


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