Understanding Your Customer's Environment and Context

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Running a customer environment and context test allows you to gather footage of a contributor’s environment or a product they are interacting with. Customer environment and context testing is enabled by the beyond-the-device capability of the UserTesting mobile recorder, which allows you to capture experiences beyond what’s on the screen. 

How can I conduct customer environment and context testing with UserTesting?

What kinds of experiences can I capture?

How do I launch my customer environment and context study?

How can I conduct customer environment and context testing with UserTesting?

Order a website test on UserTesting with the following components:

  • Use screener questions to set contributors up for success
    • Make sure contributors are located where you need them to be: Are they at home right now? Do they need to have access to something like their refrigerator?
  • Incorporate a Camera Tasks Section 


All customers have the ability when creating a test plan to add camera tasks. By doing so, we’ll automatically add a screener question and instructions making it clear to contributors that they'll need to engage the rear-facing camera when completing the test, and we also make it easy for them to initiate engaging the camera with the push of a button.

You can also use the Customer environment and context template found in the Template gallery.

What kinds of experiences can I capture?

You can ask contributors to show you their surroundings (i.e. living room, kitchen, etc.), or show them interacting with a product (i.e. thermostat, toaster, etc). However, keep in mind that contributors will be handling the phone, and will likely be completing the tasks one-handed. 

This will also work for voice-interactive devices you may wish to test. To see a more comprehensive look at testing voice-interactive devices, click here.

Our mobile recorder also allows for customer experience studies such as unboxing and destination studies.

How do I launch my customer environment and context study? 

To get started, click the Create test dropdown menu and select Customize a template.



Then, search for the "Customer Environment and Context" template under the UserTesting templates filter in the Template gallery.


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