Managing Tests in Workspaces


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Anyone with an Unlimited, Standard, or Creator license can move tests between workspaces. The individual moving the tests must be a member of both workspaces.


Workspaces are available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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Moving Tests Between Workspaces

Note: If you are an Account Admin, you must also have an Unlimited, Standard, or Creator license (i.e., a license with test creating abilities) to move tests between workspaces.

From the Dashboard, you can choose to move a single test...


Or move multiple tests in bulk.


You can also perform this action on recent tests and drafts on the Workspace page.


When moving, you can also select the folder that the test should be assigned to.


Changing Workspaces When Creating a Draft

When using the test launcher, it may be helpful to change the workspace you want the test launched in. To do this, click the workspace dropdown menu found on the test launch pad.


After you've switched workspaces and launched the test, your current workspace will also switch to the workspace of the test you've just launched.

Archiving Workspaces

UserTesting Admins and Workspace Owners have permission to archive workspaces. The General (system default) workspace may also be archived. Archiving a workspace removes it from the active workspaces list so that access to its dashboard is not available from the workspace switcher.

The archived workspace is also removed from the list of available workspaces when you take actions like moving tests. Links to any tests, clips, or highlight reels located in an archived workspace will still be accessible, and search results will continue to include results from archived workspaces.

To archive a workspace, go to the account and workspace switcher in the navigation menu. Choose Manage workspaces from the menu.


Find the workspace you want to archive and select Archive from the workspace options.


And then confirm the change.


Archiving a workspace will hide it from the Dashboard. All new users will still be invited to the General workspace. No one will be able to access its tests, clips, or highlight reels from there, but any links that were created will still work.

You can later choose to restore archived workspaces.

Deleting Workspaces

UserTesting Admins and Workspace Owners are allowed to delete only empty workspaces. To qualify as "empty," a workspace must not have any tests, drafts, or highlight reels. This includes any previously canceled tests that may not be visible from the Dashboard. In this case, please contact UserTesting's Support team so that they may assist you with deleting that workspace. "Empty" workspaces are allowed to have tags; however, any tags created for that workspace will be permanently deleted along with the workspace. The General workspace cannot be deleted.

To delete a workspace, navigate to Manage workspaces from the workspace switcher and choose Delete from the workspace options.


And then confirm the change.


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