How to Launch an App Test

At a Glance

Test your apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Use the following instructions to launch a mobile app test with UserTesting.


Step1. Log In

Step 2. Create a New Test

Step 3. Select Test Type

Step 4. Select Audience

Step 5. Create Test Plan

Step 6. Review and Launch Your Test


Step 1. Log In

Log into your UserTesting dashboard.

Step 2. Create a New Test

Select the Create test dropdown from your dashboard, then select Create a test.


Step 3. Select Test Type

Select App.


Next, indicate whether you'd like to build an audience with the UserTesting Contributor Network or a Custom Network you've created, or create a link to send to your own contributors (Invite Network). For this article, we'll select Build audience


Since this is an app test, you'll need to upload the unreleased app file (APK) for Android, or link to your app in Google Play or TestFlight. Learn more about how we keep your app secure. When conducting an iOS App test, you will not be able to directly upload .ipa files (these are iOS app files) into the test plan editor unless they fulfill the following requirements:

If you do not have an Enterprise Certificate, you can use our TestFlight offering and utilize the “Link App” option in the App Test screen to test your apps. 


Next, you have the option to start building your desired audience or to get started creating your test plan. For this article, we'll focus on finding the perfect test contributors first.

Step 4. Select Audience

Once you click on Select Audience, you will be directed to a page dedicated to choosing your target audience. If you have questions about creating an audience with the UserTesting network, please visit this article to learn more.

Select the filter(s) that you need by checking the box(es) in the right sidebar and then adjusting each filter as needed.


Scrolling down, you can also add screener questions by dragging the Screener Question element in from the right sidebar. Screeners help you pinpoint the precise audiences you are seeking.


When you are happy with your filters and screeners, you can click the Done button to return to the overview page.

Step 5. Create Test Plan

Once you have returned to the overview page, select Build Test Plan to get started on test creation. Provide a starting URL as well as any scenario-related details to set the stage for your test contributor.

Then, select the elements that you want to include by dragging them into your test plan from the right sidebar. 

app test builder usertesting

Once you are done creating your test plan, you can click the Done button to return to the overview page.

Step 6. Review and Launch Your Test

The overview page should now display your audience targeting as well as the test plan. Review the information carefully and remember to give your test a name. You can also preview your test to check your contributors' mobile experience. When you are satisfied, click the Launch Test button. You can also Schedule Test to launch at a later time. 

For a contributor's view please review this article.


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