Folders: Best Practices

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Launch tests directly from a target folder and add folder descriptions to help your team better manage and scale the way you run tests.


Folders allow you to categorize your tests and insights to support how you and your team work inside a workspace. You can create and find folders from the navigation menu on your UserTesting Dashboard.


Here are some tips for how to make the most of your folder system in the UserTesting Platform.

Use folders to organize evolving workspaces

Folders and workspaces work together. Your workspaces may be aligned with your team structures or tied to large-scale initiatives, and they will likely evolve over time as reorganizations happen. 

Folders are nested underneath workspaces and help people create subgroups of information. Use folders as another organizational strategy to help you narrow down to a specific piece of information in a complex information space. For instance:

Workspace Folders
Design Team

Findability testing

Mobile app customers

Preference testing


Add folder descriptions

Give each folder in your workspace a description so your team members understand its purpose. By creating a filing system for tests, drafts, and highlight reels, your team will know which folders to use for their content.

First, select a folder you have created. Then, choose the “...” option to edit the folder’s description.


Launch tests directly from a target folder

Instead of starting with an unfilled test within the greater workspace area, you can launch new tests, including Live Conversations, directly from a certain folder. 

First, navigate to the target folder in which you wish to place the test. Then, select the Create test dropdown and choose the type of test you want to run.


Alternatively, you can select the folder destination during test creation by editing the test’s workspace and folder location on the test launcher page.


Move tests to different folders

After creating a test, navigate to the workspace page or test page to move a test to a specific folder. Select the “...” option next to a test and choose Move to.


Next, select the folder where you want to move the test.


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