Ordering Tests Longer Than 15 Minutes

Based on the subscription plan, tests longer than 15 minutes may be available.

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What is a longer test?

  • A test longer than 25 minutes would be considered a longer test.
  • To determine the length of your test, use the Preview test plan feature. Act as a contributor, read, and try to complete the tasks and questions. This will provide a time estimate.
  • Ordering a pilot test could also gauge the length of a study. 

Note: A bonus will not be paid if it takes most contributors (more than 50%) under 25 minutes to complete the test.                        



Ordering longer tests

With an annual subscription plan, there is the option to run tests that are 30-40 minutes. Notify potential contributors so they are prepared to spend more time on your test. This will help notify the Support Team so that they can provide bonus payments to contributors. 

  1. Create a test. Include a screener question notifying the contributor of compensation should they complete the test.

  2. Once the videos are reviewed and the results are satisfactory, email a list of the test session ID numbers via this Support form. For example:
    1. Subject line: "Pay Bonus to Contributor for Longer Tests"
    2. Email body: "Session #: 2388291 A through F, 2388293A"                                                            



Things to consider

  • It is not recommended to run tests longer than 40 minutes.
  • Tests that take longer than 40 minutes could make the contributor less inclined to produce high-quality feedback.
  • Please contact your Customer Success Team if a test longer than 40 minutes is needed to discuss moderated testing options. 



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